Screen Printing Common Questions

Screen Printing Common Questions

What is your turnaround time? Our standard turnaround time is 10 days from order approval. Rush service is available. With next-day shipping from our main garment supplier, if your order is approved by 4:00 PM, it is possible to have it printed the following day. However, planning ahead is always recommended for the best pricing.

Can I mix and match colors, sizes, and garment types? Absolutely. With few exceptions related to the artwork being printed, we can accommodate almost any combination of garments.

What affects the price of my order? Several factors influence the final cost:

  • Number of garments: Price per garment decreases significantly with larger quantities.
  • Number of colors in the artwork: We can print up to 8 colors. Adjusting the number of colors can help manage costs.
  • Garment type: The most economical option is a large quantity of medium-weight white shirts printed with one color of ink in one location.

What art files can I use? For the best results, provide the highest quality artwork available. This ensures accurate reproduction of your image or idea. Typically, this means a high-resolution raster image or a vector file. Accepted file types include:

  • Vector: .ai, .eps, .cdr, .pdf
  • Raster: .psd, .tif, .bmp, .jpg

Prices will vary based on the complexity of the artwork and will be quoted at the time of order.

How do I decide the size and placement of my artwork? Our expertise can guide you in this area. Send us your artwork and specify your preferences. We will provide a proof with the artwork sized and placed accordingly. Each design is unique, and our experience ensures the best results. Send your artwork to

What is the largest size I can design? Generally, we recommend not exceeding 12"x15". Some artwork may work with larger sizes, but it depends on the situation. For a reference, hold up a piece of tabloid-size paper to yourself.

What ink colors are available? We can provide virtually any color. If we don’t have it in stock, we can mix it using our Pantone Matching System for precise color matching.

Do you have specialty inks? Yes, we offer a variety of specialty inks, including metallic, glitter, foil, and ultrasoft options.

Do you guarantee your work? Certainly. We stand behind our products and will do whatever is necessary to satisfy you. We take every precaution to avoid miscommunications by requiring approved proofs before printing. If we make a mistake, we will take care of it.